Bread Bread Bread

Today a dear angel asked me the question, “what is your favorite kind of bread?

I could have hugged her; I can’t think of a more cheery thing to think about than warm, freshly-baked artisan bread. My mind started reeling with thoughts of flour and butter...

It seems every country has a bread they're famous for, and in Seattle was can enjoy these delights in the comfort of our own backyard. My favorite Seattle bread moments include:

1. Italian Panetonne at DeLaurenti's,

2. Israeli Challah at Three Girls' Bakery in Pike Place Market,

3. Blackburn Wheat from Macrina Bakery on Queen Anne

4. Rosemary rolls, handmade by Andrew at Canlis

5. Rustic baguette with fresh butter and French Onion Soup at Le Panier

For something fresh and innovative, check out the Ecuadorian yuca breads soon to be brought to Orange County by my dear friend, Stephanie Cedeno.


  1. Thanks for the shout out! ;)

  2. The challah looks amazing.

    Any recommendations for a good croissant in Seattle?

  3. This is yeasty heaven! Your blog is wonderful! I'm an old classmate of Danny's:) He posted about your blog on Facebook and I happened upon it via status updates!

  4. Mmm. Now I want to bake bread! Nice blog! Would you mind if I add your blog as a link on our blog?

  5. kelly, I'd be honored to have you post a link to this blog on yours! By the way, I heard from a reliable source you are a fabulous chef and baker...

  6. Oh Rachel that "reliable source" must have been Jonathan. Yes, it is true that I really enjoy spending time in the kitchen-we joke that my love language is food. I'm not sure how well things turn out, but it is fun!