One of the most beautiful creatures has to be the butterfly. Maybe it’s the fact that it starts as one of the ugliest, lumpiest, creatures on the planet and, through a miracle, becomes one of the most graceful dainties.

They've been branded:

They hang on our walls:

My sister, Alicia, just got back from Brazil, where they have these:

For the most part, here in Seattle, we have these:

(Antique brands of Kidney Beans)

However, there is one place where you can revel in their brilliant patterns and colors: The Seattle Science Center Tropical Butterfly House. I went last week with my nephews, Johnmarc & Jiovanni, and it was as miraculous as you imagine.

A butterfly lives in a reality we all, deep-down, ache to believe:

That although we are often unattractive, ignorable, and slow, we will one day, in an astounding transformation, become something vibrant, flying…

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