Stop. Your 5 senses want to tell you something

This sign was immediately the boss. STOP, stay a minute, see what happens.

I went on a walk a bit ago to a park 1.3 blocks from my house. It's not large or manicured; I don't think any map has found it worthy of mention.

I brought a few towels to sit on, as dogs are this parks primary visitors, and my camera. I sat down and started looking; listening. My heart rate slowed, and without my consent, enjoyment scuttled like a flustered mama around me, pointing out details and beauty all around, making sure I saw and appreciated.

The city cranes became works of art.

The detailed border of the park became a gilt-edged frame.

The vase of market flowers in the window across the street invited me in.

The grasses around my towel (s) like a paint swatch from Home Depot.

I phoned The Non-Scotsman to come and join me, to share this scene, and of course to bring 2 glasses and a bottle of wine. This spectacular scene called for backup, for celebrating.

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