I have a confession.

I am obsessed with Brick.
Lots of bricks.

(A favorite from my trip to New York in November, 2009)

I crave them. I look for them everywhere. I daydream about them. I drive the long way just to see glorious mountains of them cemented together in their stolid regimen. I love how glass windows look in their cavities.

(A classic on Occidental in Pioneer Square)

Thankfully, Seattle is shock full of the most beautiful, 100-year old brick beauties. Yesterday I found myself in Georgetown, innocently driving through when I saw Them. I immediately pulled off the road, parked in a frenzy, and braved an icy, torrential downpour with my camera.

I stood in the street like a madwoman and snapped photos of the old Rainier Brewery building.

It's partially intact, partially a facade. Georgetown Studios took some of the best parts and have created a gorgeous event facility. I was in heaven.

(You can even see the raindrops in these photos)

My affair with brick is only egged on by The Non-Scotsman's similar affection for the stuff. He actually found the historic Red Hood Brewery where we held our wedding, almost solely because of the fact that it recessing brick.

(Our wedding, 2007)

(Our audio technician, wedding 2007)

There is something about it: warm in winter, cool in summer.
Looks good by itself.
Looks better painted 50 after doubling as a billboard.

Give me a brick building with massive leaded windows - and I will give you the most toothy smile you've ever seen.

(My bridesmaids outside the Red Hook Brewery, 2007)

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