Not Just Your Grandma's Conversation Anymore

I think talking about the weather gets a bad rap.

The elderly get it.  They know.  It's not that they're out of touch or have nothing better to talk about.  They understand deep in their bones that weather is unbelievably important.

It changes how I feel when I wake up.
It affects little things: like how I dress, what I drink in the early hours, and how I plan my transportation.

Weather, and more importantly seasons, mark time.
It's like I know what to do as I listen to the weather.  Go play outside! Cuddle inside.
Go further. Stay closer.

Seasons give me, and the elderly, a sense of rhythm.

A rhythm that I like to hum to sometimes.  Like when I went on a walk and took those pictures up there (the ones in this post).

Really? Leaves can be that damn attractive?