Pre-Thanksgiving Thanks

I think I entered full Thanksgiving mode on Saturday...every sense attuned to festivity and stuffed with winter squash.

It started with a stop down the street at the Melrose Market,

(A Rainbow of Winter Chard, Marigold & Mint, 2010)

(Winter Blooms, Marigold & Mint, 2010)

(You know you're a retailer to be reckoned with when you can make string something gorgeous, Marigold & Mint, 2010)

(A golden angel, Marigold & Mint, 2010)

a bump into some friends, a handful of Mike & Ike's from the handy candy machine at Utretch's Art Supply Store, and a good read and macchiatos at Victrola with the Non-Scotsman.

(Who wouldn't want that face across the table from them? Victrola Coffee Roasters, 2010)

We arrived at my parents house to find my grandpa falling out of our birch trees, stringing Christmas lights. This is a man's man, who can get up and laugh it off:

(M.r Richard "Papa Dick" Schmautz ladies and gentlemen!, 2010)

We spent the rest of the day doing this:
(My goddaughter and niece, Isabella, 2010)

eating this
(Smitten Kitchen's Sweet Potato Gratin, 2010)

and thankfully licking anything and everything out of the bowl.

(Jiovanni "gets it!", 2010)

And Thanksgiving isn't even here yet!



This made my week.

Found here: on Etsy


A Bit of Motherland'ish Light

Light, in Italy, is simply different.
Italian light caresses the land...

(Assisi, 2010)

(Piazzale Michaelangelo at Sunrise, 2010)

(Assisi and olive branches, 2010)

(Pace de Assisi, 2010)

Adores the people in the land...
(Post-gelato lull in San Gimignano, 2010)

(A monk, 2010)
And generally does its best to show off.

(My Mysterious Non-Scotsman, Assisi, 2010)