Family Tree

Our family continues to grow, and this year the Non-Scotsman and I decided to capture my side of the family in our version of a family tree.

Huge thanks to the talented duo, Mikal & Julie, at Swash for printing these for us with such finesse.


It's a Small World, After All

Here's the storyline:

Storyline 1:
Because of getting snowed in during the Winter of '06, I got a job at Canlis Restaurant.

Because Canlis encourages growth, I thought of starting a business.

Because of my cheeky/failed attempt at said adventure, The Non-Scotsman decided to start one instead.

Storyline 2:
Because my Canlis employer studied at Cornell, he met Will Guidara of Eleven Madison Park.

Because I worked at Canlis, my sister sang at their birthday party, where she met her now-boyfriend, Will Guidara.

Because Will (and the EMP chef) wrote a cookbook, a celebratory dinner was hosted at Canlis Restaurant.

Because the dinner was hosted, The Non-Scotsman made this film:


Warmth in Winter

Cheers to fresh winter love
and free light filters (compliments of "Seattle cloudy skies").

I was honored to be a part of this little "save the date" video shoot with The Non-Scotsman the day before Thanksgiving. Many thanks to the friends at Oddfellows who let us clamber and climb all over their space to capture this gorgeous couple!

Watch it here: VIDEO