Apothecary Jars & Really Fresh Juice: AN INVITATION

Our 3rd Bread & Bubbly Supper Club event on Friday was an apothecary-inspired homage to the artisan cocktail. I have to be honest, these events are as much, if not more fun, to plan than to actually host. Therefore, I'm going to explain a bit of the back story and will later post pictures of the event itself.

The Club is hosted by 4 women, and we always start our planning process with a breakfast date at Le Pichet. I don't think any plan could go wrong when it is conceived in this espresso and baguette-laden environment.

Our goal is always to do something that is both educational and a damn good time. The point is to gather a variety of people around a simple idea to get to know each other, to learn something from an expert, and to celebrate.

We knew we wanted to fashion a cocktail party where guests could be exposed to more of the thought and care behind crafted cocktails. Clearly, in the last few years our country has been re-awakened to the pre-prohibition era cocktail in all it's infused glory, and we're loving it! We crafted our evening towards this intentional imbibing.

In terms of the aesthetic, we stepped a bit back in time.

We were inspired by botanical illustrations:herbal infusions, and glass apothecary jars of all sizes.

Every event has provided an opportunity to play with designing print pieces for the evening, and I keep learning the importance of the perfect font.

I was inspired by this gorgeous invitation from Chez Panisse...

So, using a spring of fresh herb instead of a candle, I created our invitations:

The ladies/hosts of the Bread & Bubbly Supper Club spent an afternoon in Snohomish (which of course included another bread and espresso experience (Who knew that Snohomish was home to an award-winning bakery on the main street: Snohomish Bakery?).

rummaging through antique stores for apothecary jars and 100-yr old smaller vials for favors (Pictures to come). Our thought was to fill the whole place with glass jars full of fresh herbs and make the place smell of alcohol and mint!

More to come...


  1. I love the font you chose for your Chez Panisse inspired invitations. May I ask the name of the font? Would love to know! kellymarkgraf@gmail.com

  2. I really like the font you used for your Chez Panisse invitations! Great choice! I have been looking all over for a similar font and haven't had any luck. Would it be possible able to request the name of the font? jasonaaronhowell@gmail.com