Bar Acuda : if you need another reason for a Hawaii vacation

I was in Kauai for the past few weeks, trying to squeeze every possible ray of sunshine into my pores and every bit of fresh seafood into my gut.

There are lots of reasons I already want to go back to the island: warm and crisp beaches, mysterious coastlines, and hikes through the wettest bit of land on earth. One place in particular calls me back: a recommendation from my gifted photographer friend, Bess Friday. She visited this spot on her honeymoon with one Mr. Peter Friday: aren't they beautiful!?

The place was up in Hanalei and called Bar Acuda - run by a past Food&Wine's Best Chef from San Francisco. Thank God his talents are intact after 15 years! I was immediately sold by the "Local North Shore honeycomb with Humboldt Fog goat cheese and crisp apple." DONE.

Oh, and i might have had this too:

I was enjoying myself too much to take photos, which is actually a good thing because it's so much more worthwhile to visit Bess's website for the beautiful run-down and photos - her talent will speak for itself:

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