I've been frequently craving a stiff drink I can count on: the Alaska from Zig Zag. Maybe too frequently. Say 4 times in 3 weeks?

However, I was wanting to try something new, so I met up with some friends at Quoin, the bar of Revel. Knowing the teeny space sat about 15 I had little hope for a spot for 6 at 8:00pm on a Saturday. However, God was on our side.

First of all, who marries someone they met while cooking at the Essex House in New York? People with taste, I'd wager. People that can cook and fall in love at the same time.

It's no surprise, then, that beautiful culinary children have been birthed to husband and wife owner/chef team Rachel Yang & Seif Chirchi. Their first baby, Joule, born in Wallingford a few years back, and this second creation, Revel, was famous by association before it opened. We'll soon find out if she is a classic middle child.

(These photos can be found here)

We were pleasantly surprised to arrive in time to snag enough space around a long counter to pull (somewhat unsteady) stools and stay..for more than 3 hours. It wasn't the coziest spot, perhaps due to the swizzling stool) and we didn't have the most attentive care (perhaps due to the...hmm, not sure), but the drinks were delicious and we were glad to be somewhere with thoughtful beverages and fabulous grey walls.

In honor of this season of Lent, and in honor of Yellow Chartreuse, I ordered the Fremont Abbey.
A concoction of gin, hymn-like Lillet,
with vespers of Yellow Chartreuse and a repentant dash of orange bitters,

it called my name and led me to the Lord.

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