A Walk to Roots

I took a lazy summer walk.
Even the boats were feeling vacation,
warming on the sand, their backs to the August sun.

(The beach where The Non-Scotsman proposed, 2010)

The water relaxed - as if by a pool.
Trees fanned their surface
as tender little waves moved with the song of the popsicle man
dinging down the street.

(The beach we know better than to try and trespass on, 2010)

Bark cracked - exposing itself to the heat.

(An old cedar at Rosary Heights, Woodway WA, 2010)

Even deep, pale roots came out to greet the stranger we Seattlites call: "the Sun."

(A root sighting at Stewart Island, 2010)


  1. Beautiful pics - where are they?

  2. Thanks Julie...Roche Harbor, San Juan Island - the most wonderful place this side o' the Mississippi.