A Dahlia named "Zorro"

I never imagined saying this, but "Thank God for the Puget Sound Dahlia Association!" I discovered their handiwork on a run through Volunteer Park a year ago, and have anticipated these blooms all year.

Like a multi-cultural festival, the Dahlia Garden celebrates an astonishing array of one species: every shape, color and size imaginable. The best part is, the Association names them all! There's even a "flower of the year" I wonder what they do with that fact? Bring it to the podium, rise in their chairs, and applaud it?

Last night I rushed to the park at dusk to take a few photos. 79 degrees outside, picnic'ers all around, and color everywhere.

The bees also found this garden.

And...perhaps my favorite name...

Can't you imagine them as creatures living deep in the bottom of the sea...


  1. rachel. what whimsy God has placed in your heart. what delight in simplicity that rings so true through your bones and fingers.

    you, who pull the car over to show me something magical, something hidden.

    you, who actually do that. you.

    thank you.

  2. So beautiful Rach! Wish I could have taken that stroll with you! Love you dearest! See you soon =)