Bread & Bubbly Supper Club: Part 2

We hosted our 2nd Bread & Bubbly Supper Club last Friday, and invitations just may have been even more intriguing than the first event ---

(The invitation front)

(and back)

It started more delicately than raw steak. 20 guests sampled Julia Child's Moules a la Marinaire & our selected House Champagne (see previous post about Supper #1) & House Bread from Le Panier.

We fenced everyone outside on the front deck, near the champagne and freshly picked blackberries

with great music and a teaser of the menu to come.
Guests took numbers to mark & claim their meat, knowing that in a few minutes we were going to escort them down to the local organic butcher to select their meal.

Little did they know the table (set with butcher paper and dahlias) was ready for them in the back yard.

(Or maybe The Non-Scotsman knew, as he had helped set up the French lights)

Hugs were shared,
Expressions were outrageous,

and new friends were made.
A movie star even happened in for a moment to check out the scene...




Our way down to the shop of Bill the Butcher.

The very-knowledgable Ross gave us a "Meat 101" lecture, convinced us all that Terus Major is a much under-appreciated cut of meat, and sold it us us by the pound.

Once back in the kitchen, Rebecca proceeded to make the most divine Summer Creamed Corn from Thomas Keller to go with our house-made truffle fries, Caesar salad, and big wines.

We found ourselves out back, Phil manning the grill, wine in our glasses, friends at our sides.

The lights grew brighter and we feasted like kings. Carnivorous kings.


  1. RACHEL! absolutely stunning. a perfect recapturing of a magical evening. i am SO glad you documented this because it was almost too good to believe. XO

  2. Rachel....this is so gorgeous! We throw "BEAUTIFUL" parties. LOVE LOVE LOVE IT! Thanks for putting in the full day to pull this off! LOVES!

  3. I'm so sad we missed it! Everything is gorgeous!!!