What if Cleopatra Had a Wedding Videographer?

What if some of the greatest loves of the past had video technology.

Imagine watching the wedding films of Cleopatra & Mark Antony, Odysseus & Penelope, or the wedding feast of the Bible where Jesus turned water into wine. I'd like to see the dance party of that video.

Imagine even just watching your grandparents say their cherished vows and eat a good ol' fashioned wedding mint.

Well, they may not have been able to capture those milestones, but now we can.
Let me introduce you to:

The Ranch Studios Wedding Films.

Remember the way Grandpa smiled.
Remember the words of a somewhat-funny, but certainly precious, toast.
Remember the heart-thumping moment of saying your vows.
Remember the music that played as you danced.

I am so impressed with the The Non-Scotsman these days, and specifically with this new growth. He not only takes generous care of his current clients, but continues to grow his repertoire of services. Check out his beautiful new website specific for the bride & groom who want to remember.

Alicia + Vini Highlight from The Ranch Studios | Danny Lund on Vimeo.

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