The "Good Enough" Gift

I'm not a seeker of perfection. I used to be, and it didn't work out so well. Perfection requires no true courage, or hope, or raw and vulnerable connection. The psychologist, D. W. Winnicott, wrote that a mother does not need to be perfect, she just needs to be "good enough."

For me, giving a wonderful gift usually seems to meet 2 criteria:

1. It is something intentional and personal for a specific person (in other words, they are delighted by the gift, but equally as happy that you know them so well).

2. It is something I enjoyed shopping for or creating (in other words, the process of giving was a gift to me as well).

I had this "good enough" gift experience yesterday when I found a present for a dear friend at Sugarpill on 10th & Pine.

A modern day apothecary, walls are lined with salts, herbs, teas, and tinctures customized for customers. An old-world remedy shop with a modern aesthetic.

(Photo compliments of Only in Seattle)

I was standing at this salt wall, thinking of the fact that my friend is Italian and an avid foodie. She'd like salt, wouldn't she?

The stores nurturing owner, Karyn Schwartz, came and asked if she could help. As I described my foodie friend - an Italian who used to live in Seattle but does not any more - she directed me to two items that fit the bill beautifully.

1. A flaky, translucent Italian sea salt. A taste of my friend's heritage.
2. A blackish salt that smoked over 7 Northwest wood planks for 2 weeks, leaving them smelling like a smoky Seattle bonfire. A taste of my friend's old home.

I left thrilled that this, indeed, was a good enough gift.

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