Curating A Song by the River

I'll be honest, I'm not drawn to the name of this spirited little shop in Madison Valley.
What I am drawn to is the organic and industrious sense of design and display this jewelry design gallery exhibits.

The owner, after spending much time on the farm, inspired by horticulture and plant taxonomy (who isn't inspired by botanical taxonomy...?) she recreates organic life in gems and jewels.

1. Excellent use of 19th century bonatical sketches in the shop
2. Charming jewelry displays of natural designs

(A display on linen backboard)
3. Intriguing stories behind much of her work. I was interested in this beautiful wall art - simply sewn black thread outlines of two deer on white linen - and she told me a grand story of the mother and daughter team who live out in the woods and sew these modern masterpieces. Great stories!

Right now, due to obnoxious road construction in front of her shop, she is putting lots online and then will celebrate the finished road with a big sale! Details on Seattle Met Magazine.

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