Curating A Cocktail

I admit my lack of linguistic savvy (or is it svelteness?).
After yesterday's post, I had to look up what the word "curate" really means. I discovered that by saying I'm "curating my city" I could either mean I'm intending to enter the priesthood or become the legal guardian of a lunatic. Feel free to look for yourself.

What I wanted to say was that I am assembling a collection, little pieces of art: I'm stockpiling goodness and delight.

Anyway: Day 2, No. 2.
I think their ugly website is to try and keep the place from being swarmed with tourists - that's my theory. Or perhaps it's their way of showing off how long they've been around. All I know is who wants to be online anyway when they could be enjoying cocktails at this sparkling gem?

To my curative categories: Excellent, Charming, Intriguing.

1. Excellent: Here you've stepped into some rare, kind, French woman's living room - so intimate yet posh that you want to bring a house-warming gift but are sure she has everything. I always feel like, for some lucky reason, Sambar invited me over for cocktails and enjoyment. Cocktails crafted drop-by-delicate-drop, served with little bites that require a description and result in exclamations of "plus s'il vous plaƮt!" come with warmth and a genuine interest in finding my, and your, perfect drink.

2. Charming: 4 bar stools. 6 tables. There is nowhere to go but intimate. You can cozy up at a tiny little table inside, perhaps even listening to live music, or step out into the even plus petite courtyard with flowering plants and quaint iron chairs.

3. Intriguing: The bar is nestled into the side of Le Gourmand, the restaurant/mother hen who shares her kitchen with the bar. Although the restaurant can feel a bit classic to the point of being outdated - the bar surprises you with wild red and purple colors splashed all over the walls and into your glass. Quite sprightly.

Sambar's bartenders, specifically the famous Jay Kuehner, must steal from mom's (Le Gourmand) larder like mad in order to create such inventive beverages. I can imagine him sneaking around finding ingredients to concoct things like: Ancho Chile Syrup, Black-Pepper infused Tequila, Lavender and Dardamom Bitters. Crazy frolickings like this have free, yet choreographed, room to dance on the menu.

Only good can come from a place that infuses spirits with roses!

If anyone, anywhere, ever wants to throw me a cocktail party - I beg you, throw it here.

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