Flagship Anniversary for Everyone

Here in Seattle, we like to consider ourselves the "flagship" - of business, culture, and goodness. I'm not biased or anything, but think about it:

We know how to do things in a BIG way : like Costco and Starbucks, Boeing and Bartell Drugs.
We know how to do things in a DIGITAL way: like Getty Images, Amazo, and of course Microsoft.
We know how to do things in a TASTY way: like Sur La Table, Theo Chocolates, Cinnabon, and Dick's Drive In.
We get outdoors with REI and Eddie Bauer, and indoors with Nintendo and Zillow.

And we get dressed at Nordstrom.


One of our most prized possessions is located at 500 Pine Street, between 5th and 6th Avenue.
The Nordstrom headquarters and Flagship Nordstrom. Store 1, to be precise.

And so every July 15th we celebrate the fact that Nordstrom is ours by throwing an anniversary celebration for the whole country, where people - even those outside Seattle - can buy fall and winter clothes on sale before the season even arrives.

And wouldn't you know it, there's always one or two items that are so elusive, so coveted, only a few people get their hands on them. This year, there was one in particular.

The Tory Burch Riding Boot - a Nordstrom exclusive.

It was gone before I even knew it was coming to the sale. Gone. Anniversary celebration, boot-hunters, is over. So, I am here to tell you - if you see someone out there wearing that boot, it means that they built a relationship. It means they have a longheld connection with a Nordstrom salesperson that they have nurtured for years and years. It might mean they are were up in the wee hours of the morning the first day of the Anniversary Pre-Select Sale to procure that boot - braving traffic and escalators and Lord knows what else.

And whether they know it or not, it means they love Seattle just like us.

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