Choose Your Own Adventure

You know you live somewhere wonderful when...

...on your walk home from work, you happen to hear live music coming from up the street. You're not in a hurry so you walk over to hear what's going on. It's kindof like living in one of those "Choose Your Own Adventure" books from 3rd grade. You decide to walk past the band and into a crowd, where you pass some angel handing you free oysters on the half-shell. Do you choose the Tobasco or the lemon? For lemon turn to page 13. (The angel was actually a man dressed in a freaky full-body oyster outfit - not sure where he got that one).

And then the man-dressed-as-an-oyster ushers you inside his shop and hands you a delicious fried oyster, and a boat of geoduck ceviche, which you actually decline in favor of the curried mussels. If you choose to decline the geoduck turn to page 78.

All I can say is, welcome to the neighborhood, Taylor Shellfish!

I decide to turn the page to go home, and upon arriving am charmed by bowls of fresh summer cherries.

Literally, cherries to top off free oysters. Oysters from my bay, and cherries from my terroir.
And this was all just on my walk home from work...the chapter 1 of my night.

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