Dinner for One

One of the only good thing about my husband being out of town is that I find myself cooking really ... um ... non-Non-Scotsman-like meals. Tonight I found myself at Uwajimaya grabbing ingredient's for Mizuna, Wasabi & Tofu:

(Thank you, Bon Appetite, for the recipe)

I find I love piling roasted beets onto everything,

and pouring cool glasses of Lillet with a squeeze of lime.

and wanting to recreate everything ever made by Donna Hay:

What do you like to cook for dinner when it's just you?


  1. Well, I've been enjoying the same, glorious buffet for 3 days straight now... With 2 more to go. I hate to say it, but I am actually looking forward to your non-Scotsman food.

    And just a warning, don't get between an old british woman and pasta salad or fish and chips, especially if it's all you-can-eat.

    From far away- The Non-Scotsman

  2. HA! So, describe this buffet to me. I'm imaging something out of the Ukraine back in 1993, involving way too much mayo and dill.

    And what's a british woman doing eating fish and chips in malta?