Cheers! To the People Who Remind Us...

One of The Non-Scotsman's good, rowdy friends also happens to have a magic touch. He came up to visit in Seattle to see my man, of course, but also to rent an ancient camera: a 35mm Hasselblad.
This man shot some of my favorite things without any editing! He gave me a fresh vantage point above my life, where I am now standing with arms open wide, yelling "THANK YOU!"

My neighborhood joint:

My place of work:
My parent's backyard:

My husband and my views:

My new hang at Melrose Market:

And even me in my pearls, made by my dear friend Jessica Andrews:
(I actually was very happy here; although I look like I'm about to pounce)...

Cheers to Nate and his wife for reminding me how beautiful life is, remind me to look at the details, remind me to be thankful.
Merry Christmas Seattle!

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