Proud to be a Seattleite!

(don't you love the "world's fair" style event poster?)

I had no idea the cultural marvel of an evening I was in for when I suggested we head to Artopia on Saturday night. Sounded harmless enough: some live music, "multi-disciplinary" art, repurposed furniture and lots of dark beer. I mean, the only reason I didn't get married in that favorite old factory on Airport Way was because we thought some of our relatives might be scared by the late night carousing across the street at 9lb Hammer. I don't drink beer, but I like being with people who do.

It was a gorgeous night, and we wandered in and out of a lot of bad art shows, bored by most, laughing at the hysterical:

(It's just true.)

We peaked at Via Tribunali's street oven firing up The Non-Scotsman's favorite Seattle meal for only $5 a pizza. Heaven from the oven.
(Via Tribunali pizza)

We admired our favorite furniture-maker's lamps at Great Stuff, but things started rapidly flailing downhill about Block 4 with the local dance troupe flopping on a plastic mat, and then this guy:

(I didn't ask...)

I quickly grabbed cheap sushi to-go, and we revved the engine into the sunset, driving over to Alki for the final glimpse. A complete contrast: the suburban waterfront and campfire-song atmosphere of West Seattle. We were stuck in the traffic of the young hipsters trying to "drag main" - awesome.

(I took this from my passenger seat, too relaxed and lazy to exit the car and sit on the bench and be part of this scene myself, 2010)

On the way home, in lieu of cocktails we decided Milkshakes & Cokes were in order from Dick's on Broadway right by our house. Again, a innocent decision. However, it happened to be the Eve of the Capitol Hill Gay Pride Parade, and all of Broadway was blocked off for the festivities. Street vendors selling henna tattoos and beaded sarongs sashayed to the live music coming from behind Julia's on Broadway. Massive men in hiked skirts sang Aretha Franklin - the finale of the night.

(The dance party outside Julias)

Pulling into our garage I marveled at the cultures we had just experienced:

Georgetown garage fishnet stockings and tatted kilt-wearing artists.
West Seattle family-friendly main drag filled with marshmallow puffs.
Capitol Hill gay pride in all it's vibrant sashaying.

Proud to be a Seattle-ite!

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  1. I was at Artopia too! It was a fun time -- though I went early in the day. I discovered that there is an Argentine Empenada vendor at the Georgetown farmer's market on Saturdays. You should check it out!

    -Lisa Dittmar