Memorial to S'Mores

(My sister, Alicia, with her glorious creation, 2010)

There's only one thing better than finding a dry place on a rainy day, sparking a raging fire, and leaning back with a bunch of family and friends: HUGE MARSHMALLOWS!

I learned something this Memorial Day weekend: there are now marshmallows BIG enough to fill an entire graham cracker and require an entire chocolate bar. They're called "Giant Roasters," and they make even a rain-drenched holiday cheerful. They're GIGANTIC: a treat to be reckoned with.

(A bag of fluffy glory, 2010)

(My sister and nephew, a moment of Memorial silence, 2010)

A beautiful blog, Twig & Thistle posted an idea from Packaging Specialties here in Seattle just a bit ago that I found charming and will certainly make to give as a favor at the next Giant Roaster BBQ.


  1. ohmygosh i am in love with those cute s'mores gifts! I will have to steal that idea :)

  2. im totally stealing this idea!!! I LOVE the smores and your little sis looks so beautiful!!!