Yulia, Yulia

I have a new artist crush: Yulia Brodskaya. A brilliant craftsman who brings together typography, design, wit, and paper - a medium that seems ordinary and everyday, but become ribbons of visual delight in her hands.

I got out my supplies last night and tried my first curl. I think I'm gonna like this:


  1. gosh this is GORGEOUS. nice work! can we have a craft day?

  2. Wow! I have never seen paper curl art. Some of hers are touch too busy to "see" but they are still beautiful. I would love to see your final creation.

  3. wow! i'm blown away! when i first read your post i was hoping she'd have an etsy shop where i could buy her art. then i saw her website and realized i probably wouldn't be able to afford her anyway ;) my fingers hurt just thinking about trying to create my own paper curls.
    she's amazing!