A Brand To Stand Behind

I have an inborn desire to brand things. I dream about logos like scientists dream of the lofty cure. I am up to brand anything: products: places: businesses: ideas: people. If it made sense, I’d probably have a personal texture, lb text of paper, color and scent.

One person that (I like to believe) understands my need to brand life is the owner of Suitor. I’ve never met the owner, but I think I’d be tempted to copy much of her/his mentality. They have brought back the idea of the personalized calling card – like the olden days.

Some may say, ‘Duh. That’s a business card.”

It’s not about business. It’s about pleasure.
The pleasure of meeting someone with flair and leaving them tempted for more; but then, that’s the trick isn’t it? There needs to be more worth getting to know, and I believe each person can dig up a little something, no?

The problem with so many brands is that the image is fabulous, the idea innovate, but the execution disappointing. For example, a bar that just opened down our street - hoping to jump on the Pre-Prohibition cocktail bandwagon: Still Liquor. Hip location, good neighbors, great name. I’m tempted to rename it “Still Working On How to Craft a Cocktail Worth Swigging.” They had the look but not the skills or character to back it up.

Anyhow: their logo is tempting, isn’t it?

A few images and brands that inspire me and would influence me now - if I was to brand my life - are:

Restored decor and Italian ruffles:

Tasty colors:

Libraries and letterpress :


Play time:

A bit of wit:


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  1. i absolutely love your brand! you should probably check out my friend tara' blog... franklyesoteric.blogspot.com. you are she have strikingly similar taste. :)