Pies and Packaging

"If you are going to give a gift, why not make giving it a pleasure for yourself as well. Shop at stores you enjoy. Wrap with beautiful ribbons. Make it an experience worth a "Thank You" card from yourself to yourself." R.E.L.

Today I put together party favors for a girlfriend’s baby shower this weekend. The party is going to be hosted at an adorable hole of a pie shop on Magnolia, called the Seattle Pie Company. Since we’re going to be enjoying pie, and the invitations were cherry pies, I am sticking to the theme and giving everyone pie filling (aka: a crisp Washington apple).

I know, I know. Functionality of this gift is at a low, but I’m sure ladies will stash them and enjoy them despite that.

I'm a sucker for the planning of it, and took a lovely hour browsing at Packaging Specialties. This is why I love gift giving: I get to shop at Packaging Specialties, and paper stores, and floral wholesale houses. A word about this shop specifically – GO! There are a few locations around Seattle and the Eastside, and if you’re throwing a wedding, a holiday party, or just want some beautiful paper to frame and put on your wall, it’s a great place to start! It’s not all artisan, but it has all the tools you need to wrap to your heart’s content.

I started by getting out my calligraphy pen, a gift from The Non-Scotsman. It’s not the most practical writing tool, but I love the thick layers of ink on these gift tags:

I threw the heart-friendly fruit into tiny, organic-looking brown bags from Packaging Specialties,

Wrapped them in my favorite twine (used by the beloved Watson Kennedy)

And voila!

Nature’s apple pie.

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