Shortcake Smiled On Me

Today at the Queen Anne farmer's market, somewhere between a peony and the fresh ravioli, goodness came my way.  
My girlfriend turned and whispered with some awe:

 "someone has smiled on us."  

The Met Market table was giving away strawberry shortcakes to the first 200 people to attack their stand!  We got in line like the other kids to experience the hand of divine provenance.  

This got me thinking: there's been a lot of smiling going on lately.  So many moments of surprise and "extra."  

Lots of "extra" these days.

I heard a psychiatrist speak recently about what makes some people lucky and others feel left in the dust - poor unlucky bastards.  There are infinite factors, but it did seem that once people see themselves as lucky and benefactors of a divine "smile," they attracted more luck.  People who thought they were lucky acted lucky, expected luckiness.  This charming attitude probably just made people want to be kind and generous with them, but whatever the reasons, they became even more fortunate.

I don't put much stock in luck: I believe in generosity and receiving, and I believe in looking up and being thankful for the gifts life offers.  I believe a lot of life happens outside my control, and some is within it.

I believe in seeing the sign for "free strawberry shortcakes" and getting in line, and enjoying the gift and saying thank you and maybe sharing a bite or two.  That little "extra" bite you shared just might be someone else's "divine smile." 

This sounds cheesy, and is I guess, but I'm feeling rather thankful and thought I'd share the joy.  Smile on.

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