(Photo by Laura D'art)

"We know from experience that our meals and relationships evolve in tandem: we form friendships over lunch dates, settle into traditional brunch spots with family, and share cups of coffee that sometimes turn into marriages. These everyday meals, moments, and places shape us both individually and collectively, but these pages serve as a reminder that our time together can be unfussy and uncomplicated—so long as it’s intentional." -Kinfolk website

Isn't that true?
- I fell in love with the Non-Scotsman somewhere between grilled salmon and a slice of chocolate cake.
- I met my college roommate over a cup of dorm-room brewed coffee.
- My dream of graduate school was confirmed over a steaming grougere.

The list could go on endlessly.

What about you? Where has your life been changed somewhere at the intersection of friends and a shared meal?

(Images courtesy of Kinfolk)

This is what I love about Kinfolk. The latest (3rd) edition is out and I am oohing and aahing over the way more than 50 artists join forces with a vision of "welcoming food, community, and simplicity" into the everyday. Writers, photographers, chefs, visionaries, friends.

Kinfolk just might be my "soulmate-in-print."
(Photo by Laura D'art)

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