I threw a quarter in my pocket and stepped out for a walk.

The quarter is for the handful of Mike & Ikes I'll find at either Utrecht or in the Value Village on 11th. (I'll admit that I hold a bit more trust in the cleanliness of the candy machine at Utrecht, but coin-candy-machine users can't be picky, can we?)

Up on 10th I happened to see that Flora & Henri is having a closing sale, and almost decided to buy a full wardrobe of imported linen for my future child. The saleswoman told me not to fear, they are not leaving but are simply focusing online - they'll retain a by-appointment-only space downtown.

A peacock front-button dress on sale at Flora&Henri.

I walked up to 14th just to peek in the lace curtains at Spinasse and happened upon a little boutique I've never been in before: Spun. Teeny and warm, I was happy to take off my mittens for a minute and peruse the goods. Conscientious artist collective: jewelry makers, beauty products, and fashion designers all offering organic goods with simple design.

Photo compliment of Seattlest

Some of the jewelry was gorgeous, although I admit I was not taken with many of the 100% organic clothes.

I was struck, however, by 2 things:

1: The absolutely gorgeous wood & iron furniture pieces around the shop. The cheery-cheeked woman who was managing the shop said everything was for sale, was completely affordable, and could be custom fit to your house. The designers name is Mike, at MM Builders, and the furniture is made under his concept "Marian Built." Using cast iron wheels and reclaimed wood, he does what Restoration Hardware is doing but at a much-better price point. I want to see more of his work: especially old rolling doors.

Photo compliment of Seattlest

2: No nonsense cards from "the Raven & the Writing Desk."

I'm always impressed by the creativity birthed on this hill between two waters.

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