White Space

I'm wondering what I would do with more "white space" these days?
Happily empty, gorgeous and blank space.
Space and time.

Energized by the fact that its whole life is ahead - so much potential - so much room.

I think what I'm trying to say is that I want to move.


  1. JEN: what would you do if you had more space?

  2. Oh my goodness girl, I can relate!!! :) Greg, Grady, Red (our boxer) and I live in a bit larger space than you two (692 sq ft to be exact) but just within the last month I have decided that I have HAD IT! :) I don't think I can re-organize our one "hall closet" ONE MORE TIME to fit ONE MORE THING it it! :) hehe
    As I sit here waiting for my new external hard drive to install, I am going to dream of what I would do with that extra SPACE!!! :)
    By the way, love your blog. Saw you post your latest post on FB...I'm your newest "follower" :)
    Hope you were able to enjoy those gorgeous summer days we just had!