Uffizi from my couch

I got home from drinks with friends on Queen Anne tonight and decided to head on over to the Uffizi Gallery. Yes, the one in Florence.

The one I'd visit as a student. Usually after drinks with friends.

Entering the far west room, I caught a glimpse of "Martyrdom of Saint Justina," got distracted by the urge to see more of Veronese's northern-Italian works, and jaunted over to the Palace of Versailles. I peeked into the room holding "The Feast at the House of Simon." Just having written a paper about this very dinner party for school, I was captivated...

...from the comfort of my 425 sq/ft home.

They've compiled high resolution images from galleries around the world (MoMA, Freer, National Gallery of London, the Frick Collection, etc.). Similar to google earth, you can navigate your way through these institutions at your leisure. Without having to exchange any money. I'm loving it, and might be planning a trip to the Tate soon.

Anyone want to join me? No tasteless biscuits will be served.

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