Off to My Motherland

Can you guess where I'm heading in 6 hours?

I plan on feeling like this...

And stopping to smell roses, like this...

Someplace where this happens spontaneously...

And using these words...

Or perhaps words like va bene, prego, e troppo vino per piacere...to describe all of this I'm enjoying...

And eating lots and lots of this...

Can you guess the destination?


  1. o wow, have fun! Italy is top on my list of places to go..

    im off to seattle in a day and you're off to italy.. heh

  2. so EXCITED For you beautiful! i cant wait to hear of all your adventures ... Especially those of Lake Como ;) XOXOX

  3. JEALOUS! Have SO much fun! We love and miss you guys.

  4. Hope you guys are having SO much fun and that you feel like you've stumbled into the perfectly constructed frame of a Fellini!!

    xoxo Steph