Does quality linen make you smile? Read on...

Need I say more?

But I will. Take it or leave it.

This is one of my dream nooks, and although I may not have 10 extra square feet to recreate it at the moment, I have been inspired to do quite a bit of linen shopping these past weeks. I finally found the soft white French linen I was looking for at a little Queen Anne fabric store called Nancy's Sewing Basket.

You should bring your mother, and then go for a fabulous selection of tea across the street at Teacup.

(Teacup, Queen Anne)

Sewing brings up a lot of feelings. Unusual, yes, but it is what it is. My mother had me in sewing lessons for 3 long years when I was in elementary school. I hung my head with shame every other Monday as I left school early to make it in time for the lesson; headgear in place, I told my peers I "had a meeting." I never invited them to the quarterly fashion shows where we paraded our homemade dresses with lacy collars and awkward hems. It really must have been an adorable sight. Now I chuckle and appreciate my mom's foresight.

Today I would give an arm to remember some of those techniques so I could make my own linen Roman shades that look as good as the ones in the photo. I'm going to do my best to remember all that I learned in those classes and take the plunge. Wish me luck.

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